Classic Baby Clothes

Every detail matters in classic baby clothes because our children deserve the best!
Choosing baby clothes made from soft, durable, and carefully designed fabrics ensures that the outfits remain viable and look great for generations to come. Classic baby clothes embrace your infant's innocence that features their sweet "babyness" instead of contemporary outfits that overwhelm their features. Enjoy the look of your baby in vintage styles that have a timeless look and hearken back to an earlier era when life was simpler.

Classic baby clothes with embellishments like smocking, embroidery, and monograms are great for gifting and are a lovely present that new parents will truly treasure.

Treasure the younger years by outfitting your baby in classic clothes through all of life's special moments and everyday adventures.


Layette Box

A layette (or sometimes a "layette set") is a baby's first set of clothes. It's good to be prepared before the baby arrives with an entire wardrobe of seasonally appropriate basics like undershirts, sleepers, socks, and hats because rarely does a mother feel up to shopping directly after giving birth. Another thing to remember is that some of your baby's layette gets packed with you if you'll be birthing at a hospital or birthing center for your infant's first few days. Don't forget a special outfit for the big trip home! Remember that newborn photographers frequently visit new moms while still an in-patient to capture the baby's first few hours with professional photos. It's wise to plan a few outfit options on hand for the baby's first photoshoot.

Elements that round out a classic layette include receiving blankets, socks, undershirts, baby gowns, sleepers, and hats. In addition, some families choose to include baby mittens, bibs, and decorative headbands for little girls in their layette, as well as nursery linens for cribs, changing tables, and bath time.

Daily Wear

Blue Smocked Rosette Baby Gown

When a baby is very young, a baby-gown is a fitting classic look. It's soft and easy to care for, and it's a practical choice for daily wear. You don't have to worry about color coordination, and if there's a need for a complete outfit change during the day, there's no need to fuss with buttons, zippers, or snaps. There's nothing more precious than the look of a tiny baby sleeping content wearing a baby gown, swaddled and warm.

Baby-Gowns are also an excellent choice for generational photos. If your new baby is lucky enough to live near grandparents or even great grandparents, it's a rare treat to capture pictures with your newborn and as many loved ones as possible. Multi-generational portraits are a treasure and will be an instant family heirloom.


Baby Sleep Pajamas

Who remembers the precious look of the Darling children in Peter Pan? When your little one is ready to drift off to sleep on their own journey to Neverland, comfortable sleepwear is a must. Nightgowns for girls and handsome pajama sets for boys are a satisfying choice for your little ladies and gentlemen. Whether it's lazy Sunday morning pancakes with the family around the table or the chaos of Christmas morning, classic sleepwear for your baby is always a good choice, even if it's not bedtime!

Special Occasion

Blue and Pink Aline Heirloom Dress

There's a special joy when you bring your baby to their first special event. It's exciting, and new parents are always proud to show off their precious little one, even if they might be a little anxious if the baby will behave. New parents will not have to worry about their baby's outfit if they choose classic baby clothes. Of course, you can't go wrong with an heirloom look.

Whether it's for a wedding, play date, holiday, or family vacation, vintage-inspired outfits including button-on boy's romper styles, ruffled A-line dresses, or sweet lace pleated dresses are a wise choice.


Kids in Classic Christmas Outfits

Celebrate baby's first holidays in style with classic baby clothes. Pictures with Santa, Easter Egg Hunts, and Fireworks on the Fourth of July mark essential milestones during your baby's first year of life. Ensure your little one arrives on theme for the festivity in a seasonally appropriate classic holiday look. There are sure to be pictures to commemorate these important first holidays, so having your little one photo-ready in a classic look is a wise plan.


Today's classic baby clothes honor the vintage style and timeless looks with durable and functional outfits. Crafted to stand the test of time, heirloom-quality baby clothes can be worn for generations to come. So when you want your little one to be the best-dressed baby on the block, classic baby clothes are the only choice for discerning parents who appreciate the importance of tradition.

Eliza James believes that childhood is a precious gift. We treasure the younger years by offering exclusive and limited classic styles for you to outfit your children through all of life's special moments.

January 05, 2022